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11 – How You The Martial Arts School Owner Can Help Us Help You

George Fourie takes a different twist on this episode with a 2-minute survey request for martial arts school owners that promises a big return. *Need help growing your martial arts school? Learn More Here. Download the PDF transcription TRANSCRIPTION Hi guys, this is George Fourie from and this week, we’ve got a bit of a […]

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10 – Should You Use A Facebook Profile Or Page (Or Both) For Marketing Your Martial Arts Gym?

Many Martial Arts Gym owners use a personal Facebook profile for their marketing. But what are the consequences of doing this? IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN: Costly consequences of having a profile for your martial arts business The awkward Facebook friend request What is Edgerank and how it controls who sees your post Why […]

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9 – Brannon Beliso: Replacing Contracts And Belt Testing Fees With Service And Martial Arts Merit Badges

Brannon Beliso shares his versatile life of being a musician, Ted Talks and teaching life principles through martial arts merit badges. IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN: How to avoid an unsustainable bad business model A different perspective and philosophy to martial arts business Locking people into contracts vs. giving them what they really want […]

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7 – The Smarter Way To Go About Martial Arts School Student Retention With Paul Veldman

Paul Veldman from Kando Martial Arts shares how to improve martial arts school student retention by spotting the ‘quitting signs’. IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN: Knowing your demographic without being everything for everyone Market for a season or a reason Growing young confident students through Leadership Programs Who your real competition is The real […]

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6 – Michelle Hext: How To Run A Niche Martial Arts School (And Mind-Bending Transformations)

Michelle Hext, author of The Art Of Kicking Ass Elegantly, shares her niche martial arts school secrets and mind-bending transformations. IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN: How a niche martial arts school improves your marketing The martial arts stepping stones that led to confidence and success When ‘not knowing what to do’ becomes your biggest […]

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