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100 – The Story & Lessons Learnt From 100 Martial Arts Media™ Business Podcast Episodes

Reflections of 100 Martial Arts Media™ Business Podcast episodes and where it all began. .IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN: Why you should keep a close ear to the ground like never before Reflections and celebrations for 100 Martial Arts Media™ Business Podcast Episodes How I got started helping martial arts school owners  Why there […]

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98 – Brett Fenton – Evaluating Your Martial Arts Life & Transitioning To Virtual Gradings

Lifelong martial artist Brett Fenton talks about taking action fast, navigating through obstacles and transitioning to virtual gradings. .IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN: How Brett navigated his martial arts business through the pandemic Evaluating if it’s your time to throw in the towel The steps Brett took to pivot his business successfully How Brett’s […]

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97 – Updated Jobkeeper And Financial Essentials That Every Aussie Martial Arts School Owner Should Know

David Simpson, the Martial Arts Accountant, shares up to date financial advice for martial arts school owners to combat the crisis. .IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN: What is JobKeeper and are you eligible for it The common pitfalls that you should avoid during a financial crisis Should you opt in or out of bank’s […]

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96 – Rhonda Britten – Turning The Worst Day Of Your Life Into Fearless Living And Success

Rhonda Britten shares her story of overcoming a child’s worst nightmare, to practical strategies that you can use to live a fearless, unstoppable life. .IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN:  The exercises that founded Rhonda Britten’s fearless living today Helpful tips to work through your anxiety and fears Gratitude vs. acknowledgment How your ‘wheel of […]

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95 – Peter Graham – Applying The Winning Martial Arts Mindset In Uncertain Times

Peter Graham, top martial arts school owner, Bellator Champion and Multiple World Title Holder, shares how to apply the fighter’s winning mindset to daily life. .IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN:  How to stay motivated in a period of downturn How to make decisions under uncertainty Helpful tips for successful goal setting How to think […]

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94 – Kylie Ryan – How To Ditch Fear, Get Clear and Embrace Leadership In Uncertain Times

Kylie Ryan, a mindset and performance coach, shares techniques on how to clear our minds, get calm and make decisions from a place of ‘inner truth’. .IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN:  Mindfulness tips to reclaim your center and balance How anxiety interferes with your decision-making process How to establish certainty in uncertain times The […]

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93 – Strategies From a High Performance Salon Coach To Pivot Your Martial Arts Business

Jason Everett, a high-performance salon coach, shares 3 main pillars to take advantage of with your martial arts business during uncertain times. .IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN:  The 3 key strategies to implement before you pivot your martial arts business Why you should double down on coaching The hidden opportunity all martial arts school […]

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92 – How To Stop Students From Canceling

In uncertain times, cancelations can escalate quickly. Here’s a strategy you can implement right now to retain more members. .IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN:  How to adjust your martial arts business plans in uncertain times Tips on how to run engaging online classes  Sympathize vs. empathize And more *Need help growing your martial arts […]

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91 – How To Train And Teach Martial Arts With A Disability

Sam Broughton proves that anything is possible and shares how to overcome the challenges of training martial arts with cerebral palsy. .IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN:  How Sam copes with his limitations and overcomes challenges in training martial arts The common barriers that people with disabilities face when trying out martial arts How martial […]

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