35 – The Biggest Mistake Martial Arts School Owners Make When Marketing Online

Struggling to string together successful marketing strategies for your martial arts school? You could be missing these 3 keys.

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Hi, this is George Fourie from martialartsmedia.com and today, I want to talk about the one biggest problem that martial arts business owners have when marketing their school on the internet. Now, a few days ago, I released a business case study from a client of ours that attracted 96 paid trial students within a 14-day period, which is a quiet time and on the back end, managed to convert 70% into full paying members. Now, that is awesome, it's great results, I'm sure you would like it for your business as well, but there's one big problem with this, a few segments, a few parts that contribute to this one big problem.

Firstly, that paid trials system, that paid trial offer is only covering 1 to 2 of 5 segments out of a buying cycle. What does that mean? It means that your prospects are at different stages in a buying cycle. Some are completely cold and they're not interested in martial arts at all, and others are hot and they're ready. And the warm and hot phases are where you can present the offer in front of someone and they're ready. They have all their questions answered about martial arts, they know it's good for them, they know their child is going to get confidence, they know they're going to get self-defence skills, they know the benefits that relate to them and all that they need is the right offer to take them over the edge.

Now, that's awesome and that's awesome if you have a lot of reach. The reach as in, you have a big market to get your message out to, like you live in a big city. But what if you are in a smaller segment of the market, in a small town? How quickly are you going to burn out just putting that paid trial offer in front of someone? So you're going to need to think a lot deeper and you're going to have to think of how you can cover that cold and cooler type market and swing them to the benefits of martial arts. That comes with a content marketing strategy, which we're not going to talk about right now. So that's one part of it.

The next thing you've got to look at is pre-frame. Pre-frame meaning, what has that person seen or heard about your business before that they see the offer. If your brand is not familiar or you have a bad reputation, or people just don't know anything about you, there's a lot more steps in the process before you can actually put that good offer in front of them, before they are going to cross the line and make that buying decision. And that comes to the one biggest problem, which is having no strategy. No strategy for how you market your business online. And it's not your fault because there's not a lot of this information out there.

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And where you can find that information, it's normally not applicable to your martial arts business. And that puts you on the hunt, because now you go to Facebook groups and forums, you try and get information and you get a little bit here, and you get a little bit there and you try and piece it together, but it's not really a strategic approach from one end to the other that puts things in line, that helps you position yourself as that market leader and helps you attract the top leads and be the market leader within your area.

And so that is where I want to help you. I want to help you with a strategy, a strategy that you can use, that you can apply to marketing your business online that's going to benefit you for the long haul. So I'm not just talking about quick tricks, I'm not talking about a clever ad and a clever strategy and a clever trick, because yes, those things can help you, but if it's not congruent with a formal strategy, then that's what you're going to be always doing.

You're always going to be looking for that next quick trick, that next quick fix to help you grow your business. And it's a tiring approach. So I want to show you a strategy that you can apply for the long haul that's going to help you attract leads and help you position yourself as the market leader, as the go-to martial arts school within your area.

So if you want to jump on the web class, we're going to be doing this live, it's going to be a live interactive web class. You can go to martialartsmedia.com/workshop, or wherever the link is around this video if you're watching it.

Thanks, I hope to see you in the web class, I hope to help you grow your business – cheers!

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