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Fantastic in reviewing strategies and is consisting looking to innovate to remain relevant within our market!
Hakan Manav
Australian Martial Arts
George drove a lot more traffic to our site and to our payment centre
Kyoshi Fred Depalma
MA1st & Depalmas Karate

Dear Martial Arts Friend,

The best way we can help your martial arts school ‘scale up' is working closely with me and my team in our Partners Program.

Truthfully though, it's not for everyone. Here's what you should know before applying.

Martial Arts Media Partners IS for:

Martial Arts Media Partners is NOT for:

How It Works

Tell Us About You

Answer a few short questions and tell us about your school, your style, and what you need help with. The more we know, the easier it will be for us to determine if or how we can be help. 

Get an Online Consultation

Once you've answered the questionnaire, you'll either be directed to our online calendar to book a 15 minute phone call, or a link where we can have a quick online chat (based on availability) to ask a few more questions.

Implement our Plan

Finally on our strategy call, we'll create a custom plan for you that you can implement to achieve your goals faster. If you'd like our help to implement the plan, we will discuss options about working together.


Click the apply button below and complete the application form.

There's all sorts of questions about you and your martial arts business.
Nothing too interrogating, I just want to make sure that we're the right fit 🙂

The application will come through to me and one of two things will happen:
I'll decide we're not a good match or that I can't help you and let you know politely.

Or I'll decide that we might be a good match and if so, my assistant will reach out to schedule a phone or Zoom meeting with you and me to see if we really are.

No pressure.
I only want to work with school owners that I can truly help.

When I first started in Partners I wanted to learn how to market better and get more leads. I almost didn't join because George is in Australia and I thought things might be different and the time zone was a bit of an issue. However I still decided to give it a go. I learned how to run fb ads myself with some pretty good success. Had over 100 leads a month. I'd recommend it to everyone that wants to learn how to get more students.
Justin Chang
Wu-Yi Taekwondo Academy
George has been fantastic in assisting with our marketing needs. Together, we have devised a digital marketing strategy in optimising the tools available to us in order to generate a steady stream of new members, target the desired demographic and improve our online presence. He is very responsive to questions, fantastic in reviewing strategies and is consisting looking to innovate to remain relevant within our market.
Hakan Manav
Australian Martial Arts

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