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Dear Martial Arts Friend,

The best way we can help your martial arts school 'scale up' is working closely with me and my team in our Partners Program. 

Truthfully though, it's not for everyone. Here's what you should know before applying.

Martial Arts Media Partners Is for: 

  • Owners running at least one full-time location or a profitable part-time location.
  • Owners who teach a legitimate martial arts with good values. 
  • Owners who need marketing strategies that deliver longterm. 
  • Owners who know their business can grow and prepared to work to make that happen. 
  • Owners who want to double their income and get their time back by leveraging their teams efforts.

Martial Arts Media Partners is Not for:

  • Owners running any form of unethical practices and don't care about the results of their students.
  • Owners who don't have any students yet or are just starting out (Our Case Study Program can help you). 
  • Owners with no funds to invest in advertising.

How It Works

Every month we work with you on either Attracting the right students, Increasing your signups and conversions or Retaining your members with high-level engaging marketing strategies.

We'll work with you to become a local authority, the 'go to' martial arts school, and position yourself above your competitors (martial arts schools and other local sporting attractions). 

You'll get a step-by-step game plan to build a martial arts business that fulfils YOUR purpose. 

Honestly, there's work involved. Work that will payoff 10 fold and that will reduce the hours over time.  


Click the apply button below and complete the application form.

There's all sorts of questions about you and your martial arts business.

Nothing too interrogating, I just want to make sure that we're the right fit :) 

The application will come through to me and one of two things will happen: 

I'll decide we're not a good match or that I can't help you and let you know politely. 

Or I'll decide that we might be a good match and if so, my assistant will reach out to schedule a phone or Zoom meeting with you and me to see if we really are. 

No pressure. 

I only want to work with school owners that I can truly help. 

Here's the first step. If you're
interested then click Apply

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