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75 – Growing Your School With Video & Teaching Martial Arts For Special Needs (From A Wheelchair)

Jim Morrison talks about contributing to the community, creating content & teaching martial arts to kids with autism and special needs. . IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN: The surprising benefits of giving back to your community How Jim Morrison teaches Taekwondo in a wheelchair to students with special needs The importance of being genuine […]

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71 – Matt Milchard: Building Martial Arts Schools At The Back Of Children Centres

Matt Milchard’s core business of children centres and nurseries gives him a unique approach to running their 9 martial arts schools.   IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN: The importance of establishing a connection with the parents and letting them see the real value of martial arts The marketing tools every martial arts school owner […]

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70 – How To Scale Your Martial Arts Business Through The Mathematics Of Kindness

Adam Meyers from Story Martial Arts shares his sprint from 0-250 students in 12 months. .IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN: How checking the population and demographics has helped Adam grow his school. Building a connection with parents for improving customer retention. Being humble enough to admit that you’re not always the best person to […]

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69 – The Most Uncomfortable ‘Stretch’ In Martial Arts (Business)

Just like that uncomfortable hamstring stretch, there’s a stretch in your martial arts business that’s potentially holding you back. .IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN: The uncomfortable step that’s potentially holding you back A Partner members success story Playing a bigger game The one thing to do before hiring a martial arts business coach And […]

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68 – Create Better Martial Arts Videos (Without The Editing, Gear And Gadgets)

Ask yourself this one question to get better results with your next martial arts video. .IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN: The difference between martial arts videos for friends vs prospects. How to get on target and be relevant. Why it’s not about the tech and gadgets. *Need help growing your martial arts school? Learn More […]

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