Martial Arts Business Coach

77 – What Happens When You Have The Wrong Martial Arts Business Coach

How to avoid hiring the wrong martial arts business coach who will take you nowhere faster.


  • Why do you even need a martial arts business coach
  • Beware of martial arts business coaches who coach what they can’t do
  • How to not get burnt by a martial arts business coach
  • How to choose the right martial arts business coach for your business needs
  • And more

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But the problem is, that the people that are actually doing the martial arts business coaching, have never actually done what they are coaching.

Hey, George here. Nice, sunny day here in Perth, having a quick walk with the baby girl.

So what happens when you hire the wrong martial arts business coach? I was on a call yesterday with a great school owner, really doing everything well, when you look at their marketing front. Great content, great with video, sharing a lot of value and there's a lot of give happening. But unfortunately, just not enough take, not enough coming back.

So looking at their Facebook page and their ad account, I could see there are just a couple of tweaks that would make a world of difference, but unfortunately, with the frustration of not getting things right, is the frustration in business coaching. And in investing, I think he mentioned up to $50,000 in coaching with top industry icons and just not getting the results with the coaching.

Now, if you're a professional and serious about your business, then the first thing you'd probably say is well, you know, it's 100% your responsibility, you know, to make things work. 100% true and that's exactly what this gentleman had to say. He knows it's 100% his responsibility and his job to make it all work.

But then here's the problem with martial arts business coaching, and sometimes you see people that have a high profile and they get praised within the industry for all the great things that they do, but the problem is that the people that are actually doing the coaching have never actually done what they are coaching.

So within the coaching session, you get very surface level type answers and not really getting help to actually move the needle and move you forward. So they might be trying to teach you how to run Facebook ads, but they're not the ones that have been running the ads, so I mean, they are a great coach to tell you how to run other parts of the business, but they're not actually specialized in getting the leads and getting traction on platforms like Facebook, Google, you know, whatever it is that you use for lead generation.

And going back to the client, the big problem was just the frustration of being told the same old thing, over, over and over again and not being able to plugin into real frameworks, real frameworks and real strategies that can actually get results. And yeah, marketing is never simple. There's always ups and downs, but if someone hasn't walked that path and run ad campaigns and done the lead generation for multiple schools, or for multiple locations and different demographics, then it's going to be very hard for them to coach you and give you a strategy that's actually going to work and move the needle for you and your business.

So what to do? Well first up, I mean, hire a specialist. Hire somebody that's actually done, walked the path that it is what you want to do. And in our case of what we are talking about here, that have run successful ad campaigns and have an actual framework, something that you can plug into, that you can model with a couple of tweaks, pulling in a couple of things, pulling a couple of strings and being able to make it work for your school.

So yeah, make sure that you get someone on board that can help you, first that obviously has the expertise and second of all, actually have the time and the resources and the infrastructure to be able to help you. I mean, maybe they get a good result, but are they actually going to be a good coach for you? Do they actually have the time to work on your business, instead of just work on their business at the end of the day?

So if you need help with actual lead generation, not how to run the class, about the curriculum and so forth – that's definitely not our cup of tea. A lot of people in the industry that can teach you that. But if you need help with actual lead generation, then it's worth having a chat with us. Seeing if what we have can be an option for you. If you need help, reach out to me. Just click on my profile or leave me a comment wherever you see this and we’ll just have a quick chat and see if what we have is a potential option to help you with your school.

Awesome – I'm wrapping up the walk. Still singing along – see you in the next video. Cheers!

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So it's called the Martial Arts Media Community and an easy way to access it is if you just go to the domain name So G-r-o-u-p. There's not dot or anything. Then we'll take you straight there. Request to join and I will accept your invitation.

Thanks. I'll speak to you on the next episode. Cheers.

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