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103 – Quick Martial Arts Marketing Tip

Here's a simple martial arts marketing tip, if you're not already doing it, to get fast results.


  • The importance of tracking marketing strategies that work
  • Why you should never be reluctant to reuse past content
  • And more

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When was the last time you repeated something that worked in the past? 

Hey, it's George. Hope you're well. So I want to share a quick marketing tip with you, something you can do right now. It's not rocket science. It could potentially get you good results and maybe you're already doing it, maybe you're not. Maybe you've forgotten or maybe you're doing it routinely. Either way, I hope this serves a good reminder. 

Now, I know I haven't shot a video in a while. I've been busy with some secret stuff. No, just doing stuff behind the scenes. Really working, looking after our members and working on our member portal. We're sitting up doing a bit of behind the scenes stuff, which is kind of contrary to the advice I'm actually going to be giving today, so I kind of got to look myself in the mirror for this one.

Anyway, back onto the topic. So on the topic, obviously the last few months have been a little different, a bit crazy for some, and for the most part, I feel people have at least mentally moved on. I don't want to say move on and I don't want to take for granted where you're at and what situation you're facing. 

I know for us in Perth, things have been back to normal for a long time. That's us. We're just lucky for where we live, and I know for our clients in Queensland, they've been doing great. New Zealand as well. I know there are some spots where you're still facing restrictions and lock downs and crazy stuff.

So I know it's not an even play for everyone, but whatever the situation is, I feel there has been a mental shift, at least. Whether that is people are used to the situation or things are sort of starting to look up for the better. So that comes down to the sip and it comes down to this question. “When was the last time you repeated something that worked in the past?” 

This is something actually we did with … and we've been doing this as restrictions have lifted wherever our clients have been at. The first thing that we've actually done is we just looked at what worked in the past and hit repeat. That could be on Facebook ads, just looking at your Facebook ads and looking, “All right. Well, what type of ads were working prior to COVID and the pandemic?” and we just hit reactivate.

Nine out of 10, they just worked, right? Nothing extravagant. We just hit repeat on the things that worked in the past. They worked in the past. Why don't they work now? Same goes for email campaigns. If you've done great email campaigns or great messengers or great average campaigns, when last did you hit repeat? I can't recall who said it to me the other day, but something to the likes of, “It worked so well and we just stopped doing it.” 

I think as entrepreneurs, we kind of get bored with our own marketing and something works and we go like, “Great! That worked,” and we just go to the next one. Instead of actually just continuing with the campaign that worked or going back to it afterwards. So anyway, that's my quick marketing tip for you. If you had something that really worked in the past and obviously if the messaging is completely off topic, then just go and revise, but don't revise too much. Just look at what works. Can you revise it? Can you just hit play and get the similar, same or maybe even better results?

Anyway, hope that is helpful. I'll see you in the next video, a lot sooner than the break between the previous one and this one. Speaks soon. Cheers.

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Thanks – I'll speak to you on the next episode – cheers!

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