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George Fourie Presents...
The Martial Arts Media Intensive Workshop Series

Discover The 3 Step Formula How We Helped Our Martial Arts School Clients Generate 1,978+ Paid Trial Students To The Value of $2,967,000+...

..and that’s just over the last 12 Months!

At the upcoming Martial Arts Media Intensive we’ll uncover your School Scale Plan™ so that you can dominate 2020 by Attracting the RIGHT students, Increase signups through conversions and automation… and Retain more members!

Limited FREE Tickets available and filling up fast, so act now:


Due to limited venue capacity we can only offer 30 Free tickets per city.
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9 - 5PM



9 - 5PM






The martial arts media intensive with george fourie

Attract the RIGHT students. Increase signups with conversion & automation. Retain more members.

** You must be already teaching students and own a martial arts school in order to attend. If that’s you, then keep reading: 

Dear Martial Arts School Owner,

Here’s a very real problem: too many martial arts school owners are struggling to attract new students. They’re running month to month without a clear, structured marketing plan that predictably delivers new signups.

This means they struggle to generate the income they need to make the impact they want to make through martial arts.

Perhaps this is true for you, too?

Maybe you’re not happy with your income, or know that you can definitely do better.

Your martial arts is on point. That’s not the problem.

You run a great class, the members who train with you love the culture, you just need more students on the mats.

So you do what most school owners do: ask for help in Facebook groups.

But sadly, the people with the most vocal opinions are typically the ones that are getting the least results.

And even if you get great ideas, you still ending piecing together different strategies that don’t match and help you with the way your school is structured.

so nothing changes

Nothing changes because you don’t have a custom clear plan suited for YOU to help build your dream martial arts business.

Finally you’ve had enough.

You give up on this marketing idea and try to find that magical ad agency that can do it all for you.

But what they don’t tell you is that unless you already have a Martial Arts Irresistible Offer™ with a structured ‘Follow Up Engine’ to take prospects from curious, to serious, to signed up, it’s almost impossible for them to get your marketing right.

Several thousands of dollars later with time and energy waisted, you’re back to where you started looking for the answers to help grow your school.  

That doesn’t happen in my world. 

In my world - and for 70+ of our clients - we do things differently. More Income, More Impact through martial arts, better lifestyle and time off with your family. 

How differently do things look like in this world? Here are some recent examples:

how differently do things look like in this world? here are some recent examples: 

Cheyne turned his flooded dojo disaster with 110 students into 225+ students in just under 7 months. 

Darryl increased his adult student base by $40k per year across his 4 locations without spending a dollar on marketing. 

Bob was close to shutting down his karate school, then restored his dream going from zero steady cash flow and growing. 

Just before Christmas Simone signed up 40 new students ready to kickoff their martial arts journey in the new year.

That’s just a few recent examples of many.

And whether you see these results as just Good or gloriously Great, the best part about these results are…

These school owners now have the ‘know how’ to do it all again, and again!

Rinse and repeat.

Martial Arts George Fourie

They are 100% in control of their schools growth, equipped with the right skills and knowledge.

Now on the flip side you might be thinking, “that sounds pretty sweet, but I’m just not in that league yet…”

And if that’s what you’re thinking, then this might not be for you yet.

This is why we have a strict entry condition for the Martial Arts Media Intensive.

You need to be actively teaching students and running classes, at least on a part-time basis.

If you’re looking for help to run better classes, this won’t be a suitable event for you.

Unfortunately we can’t do this work if you’re just starting out. 

If you only have a small handful of students and not generating consistent revenue every month, this isn’t for you.

If you fall into this category or you’re not sure, then click the chat at the bottom right of this screen and either me or one of my team members will get straight back to you.

But if you’re ready to scale your school, ready to finally build that business that fulfils your purpose, then reserve your seat now for the Martial Arts Media Intensive. 

I’m George Fourie,

And for the 5 years I’ve been working with school owners who struggle to generate leads online and who aren’t growing fast enough.

I work with martial arts school owners globally who want to attract the right students, increase their signups with better conversion and automation, and retain more members through creating community.

Here’s What Others Have Achieved With Our Strategies

Cheyne turned his flooded dojo disaster with 110 students into 225+ students in just under 7 months.

Darryl increased his adult student base by $40k per year without spending a dollar on marketing.

Bob was close to shutting down his karate school, then restored his dream going from zero results to cash flow positive.

With results like these, this workshop is a game changer for any martial arts school owner who actually attends and takes action on these strategies.

When you come to the Martial Arts Media Intensive you'll learn, side-by-side with me in the trenches, EXACTLY how to scale your school through social media marketing that allows you to dramatically increase the income you earn.

But perhaps most importantly, you'll learn how to build a business that enables you to empower your community and provide a better life for your family.

I've got 2 kids. Watching the positive impact martial arts had on my son at 5 years old is the exact reason I chose to make martial arts my life. 

For me, the marketing and business came first.

I've been working with school owners for longer than I've been a martial artist. 

My story might be slightly different, but we share a passion that impacts lives, and nothing gives me more satisfaction than being at the centre of helping an industry that transformed my life as it does for so many others.

To give you a sample of how I teach, my passion and how I go about helping schools, watch the videos on the Martial Arts Media Business Podcast.  


Here's what's possible when you come to the Intensive...

9 New Parent Sign Ups In 12 Hours

40 New Paid Trial Sign Ups Over Xmas

From Struggling To 16 Paid Trials & Counting

15 Parents Sign Up With Secret Promotion

40 Mums From A Simple Group Post

Doubled School With 1 Campaign

Totaled 96 Paid Trials Over Xmas


ATTRACT - Activate Ads 

Finding new members to start training at your gym or school can be challenging. The wrong students could easily destroy the culture at your school. Learn how to Attract the RIGHT students without chasing marketing 'tricks'.

2 INCREASE - Automate Follow ups

Simplify sales by inviting your prospects to join with ease and the help of online automation. Not replacing the 'human touch', but complimenting it with the right systems that gives you more time to spend working 'on' your business.

3 RETAIN - Simplify Social

What if the exact marketing tricks or tactics that attracted your new student ends up repelling them? Discover how to serve both your prospects AND students by building online community through content and social media.

So why are you doing this for free, what's the catch?

For starters, I can't stand some of the cringeworthy marketing advice being shared with school owners and the damage it does to businesses and families. So many untested marketing tricks get preached like its gospel by inexperienced coaches and agencies who claim to be experts after doing some course.

Nothing gets tested and they haven't been in business long enough to have real strategies that's stood the test of time (don't get me started on this one!).  

I hate seeing school owners struggle when the solutions to their problems are sometimes so simple with the right strategy. I'm determined to make an impact and empower school owners to thrive independently. 

Martial Arts Business Event

And chances are you've never heard of me or at least met me, so by hosting the Martial Arts Media™ Intensive for free, I'm putting my best foot forward to kickoff our relationship, and share some insight into my world on how I can help you... by actually helping you!

Also, we are currently on the lookout for a few more high-level consulting clients that we can work with 1 on 1 to help scale their school, give them the income they need, the impact they want and the lifestyle they need. 

And I figured by revealing our strategy and being transparent about what has worked and not worked for our members, you'll get some quick wins and know if we're a good fit for the future. 

If you become a client and we do more work together - great. And if not, that's cool too. 

But it allows me to handpick the right people for our consulting programs. 

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